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We watched the show. Our minds boggled. Now we read the books.

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Name:Game of Thrones. We watch the show, then we read the books.
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"I'll wait with the books until the show is finished," I said, and several people agreed with me in various thread.

Now the show is done (OMG where do I start the squeeing and flailing?) for the season, and I'll be starting to read the books on July 1st 2011.

This comm is for everybody who's in on this journey to discuss and squee and flail and speculate and generally share as we go along. Anybody who's reading SoIaF now after the show is done is welcome, but the default for discussion is 'knows the show, hasn't read the books yet but is doing so as we speak'.

Spoilers will abound, but speculations that have been disproven by the later books will be welcome because we talk as we go along. People who have read the books, or are re-reading them, are welcome to snicker along as we slowly lose more and more of a set of illusions and innocence we didn't even think we still had. People who read the books without having seen the show are welcome as well, but must brace for spoilers -- the default comm member will know what the ninth and tenth episode ended with, and think about foreshadowing etc. along those lines.

We'll all read at our own pace (I, for example, have two times twenty minutes set aside on every workday when I NEED to read because I'll be sitting in the train to and from work, and having seen the same scenery pass by for almost eleven years now, I need a book to stave off the fatal boredom around the Miserable Village where I work), so I guess we'll just make posts for chapters and then chime in as we reach that point.-

Excellent user name for this comm invented by [info]_inbetween_. Default icon by [info]forsaken_muse. Profile banner based on a cap by [info]rawr_caps. I moderate this thing, my name ia Maru, and my mundane LJ is [info]yakalskovich; you can reach me at Gmail and Gtalk under the same name if there are any questions.-
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